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Our mission is to safely and fully open all California businesses now. Return the rights and freedoms to the people of the state. Public health and safety are very important but must be balanced with a common sense citizen empowered solutions.

Together We Can!

You’re not alone! It is our numbers that will drive common sense back into our capital. By joining the one voice of reason, you will help the effort.
Our actions include assisting businesses in fully opening through legal opinions, strength in numbers, and by providing alternative solutions to the state of California to achieve both full economic operation and supreme public safety and health.

Like Minded Advocates
Open Cal Biz Now

Peggy Hall - The Healthy American

Tyler & Bursch, LLP

Dr. Jeff Barke

Freedom PRotest Rally 2020

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Join us now. Together we are stronger and will keep our businesses open. We will update you with rallies and events.

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